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Let’s rewind the time back to nearly 400 years ago, when King Charles II of England promulgated a decree to set the dressing standard for English court, which included breeches, a gown, a vest and a scarf. And later it, without any doubt, was followed by the general public and became the most popular dressing for men at that time. In other words,such a dressing model had become a widely recognized code.

Three hundred years later, the widely recognized dressing standard has become suits, which carry a sense of male temperament and professionalism. The best suits were made in Savile Row, which were unique and each and every stitch was specially designed for you. Later, suits were mainly made up of Made-to-Measure and Ready-to-Wear.

 However, the setting of perfect men can sometimes be quite boring, while roughness and wildness can make them look more mysterious and playboy-like. They may wear thick woven sweaters and riding boots,while spending a weekend with their sweethearts in a farm riding,walking, drinking butter beer and lighting up a cigarette.

 At some point, tobacco has been endowed with a poetic nature. Boys who are fond of rock and roll get infatuated with the feeling of having a cigarette in mouth all the time, poets never forget to light one while reading a piece of artistic work, meanwhile, inside high-rise buildings of the urban forest, there is always a cluster of men in suits gathering around sharing cigarettes. And don’t forget, other than lipsticks, you can always find carefully placed cigarettes inside the bags of french women who dress in their leather coats and pointy high heels.

 Tobacco, at this time, has become a symbol of emotion, which carries a mixture of joy and sorrow, disappointment and wrath. Smoke can never take away our emotions, on the contrary, it may be our young and aggressive hearts that might drift away along with it.

 Tradition, under this context, can be two-fold in a contradictory sense. New things replacing old, undoubtedly, is the most fundamental rule governing the world. While those decayed and demagogic traditions are gradually abandoned by the times, others which carry a sense of sentimental feelings may sustain in a different form.

 This is why we have to face the future and the unknown, however, no matter how the time evolves, we should always remain true to our original aspiration.

 Within the new age characterized by information explosion, as well as the domination of We Media and New Media index upon people’s living states and habits, we have developed a much stronger and faster way to survive.

 Papers are replaced by e-books, gasoline cars are replaced by eletromobiles, gentlemen from the new age tend to hunt for novelty and thus lead the trend in a reverse way and exert influence upon the times. Under this condition, E-cigarette, without any doubt, will be there next choice.

 Bustle and noise filled the 1980s. Rock and electronic music were intertwined, artists and socialists marched on the street together, while the underground was a scene of debauchery and party every night. You can easily locate a prestigious celebrity in Studio 54, as well as super models and girls and boys, with a cigarette in the mouth and a cup of cocktail in the hand. Tobacco, along with alcohol, has basically become the food of the times. And then it came the 1990s, which swept away all of the scenes like a flood, while the trend of minimalism and pragmatism has become the prevailing new fashion. Boys and girls began to burn away their embroidery and exaggerate oversize Disco dress, throwing fustian into the fire, and then dress in suits to to show their capabilities in work.

 However, in this new age, those new gentlemen and men have chosen a much healthier and more compromised way of life together---E-cigarette, which demonstrates a new style, a sound balance between restraint and enjoyment after meticulous selection. It is just like a Utopian world, in which you place your comfort and hope on a fresh new revolutionary invention, while it can provide more choices. The comfort, which is more than its formal sense, is another enjoyment directly connected to your heart, and more importantly, you can select your own favorite flavor in this enjoyment.

 This is a game for you to exchange chips, you can choose not to change, or choose to try the most novel things.

 Of course, if you are a female, it is much cooler. Dressing in YSL’s Le Smoking, with an E-cigarette in your hand, you will be the next heroine of the new version of Blade Runner.

 The design of E-cigarette is meticulous, just like a full custom suits. It is pure and elegant, decorated with differentiated polishing and fogging surface treatment. By virtue of its interpretation of classics of the new and old times as well as eternity, E-cigarette will deliver a strong and delicate charm in your hand, the accurate power is surrounded by stainless steel, it is not so much a cigarette for a new epoch as a new plaything owned by a gentleman.

 Everyone has its own rules, which will evolve under different historical backgrounds, subjective worlds and social standards. In the new age, a fresh new and healthy life style has become the leading fashion, Under the prerequisite of quality guarantee, flavor has become the utmost important. And Eamon Lee, will be a quite good key for you to open the new age.

 Navy blue, a color between blue and black, a mixture of different features, perfectly interprets the philosophy of Eamon Lee. It is a color which is closer to the deep sea, conveying a feeling of endless inclusion.

 The best of old and new, choose an extreme way to honor tradition and innovate the future. To start a new epoch, let’s start from Eamon Lee.


We are passionate about absorbing cultural of different times. And integrate old-time elements as creative nutrients into design, dedicated to the creation of products, distinguished by the processing of prestigious materials. In this development and "fast fashion" times, Eamon lee is like an aged wine, new. 

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